Membership Benefits

Annual Meeting and Market Place

The Annual Meeting and Market Place brings operator buyers and travel industry sellers from all over the United States together. There are educational sessions for members. The market place session is a time where the operators are seated in booths. During market place associates will visit the operator booths and give a 5 minute presentation about their company. The associates will also present any materials to operators in a three-hole punch plastic sleeve that fit in a three-ring binder. The multi-day event also features business training and professional development seminars. Membership is required to be eligible to register and attend the Annual Meeting and Market Place.

Annual Motorcoach Operator Coach Roadeo Event

A driving skills competition that is designed to test the driver’s knowledge of defensive driving, regulations, and basic coach driving skills for a prize. There is a written test of driver’s knowledge of driving techniques and regulations. The top drivers are awarded prizes.

Annual Membership Directory

This detailed, MCASC membership directory is a tour/charter/equipment/service resource that includes operator members and members representing all aspects of the travel and tourism industry. The directory is an excellent resource for valuable contacts in the motorcoach industry. In addition to company listings, associates have the opportunity to advertise with a full color or black and white ad. It also contains current association Bylaws, important industry contacts, and scan ready association logos in color and grayscale. The directory is plastic coil bound with plastic tab dividers for each section. The directory is 8 1/2 inches tall, 5 1/2 inches wide, and approximately 1/2 an inch thick.

Website Link

Every MCASC member has a web link on the MCASC website making our members easy to find and a valuable resource for the computer savvy customer to find our members. In addition, it creates easy access for communication among members.

Quarterly Newsletter

Operator members and associate (vendor) members stay current with MCASC’s quarterly newsletter featuring the latest regulatory news, briefs on important legislative developments, coach industry news, and informative travel and tourism information. New members are published in the New Members and Changes section as they join.


MCASC membership brings you closer to building good business relationships with some of the industry’s most experienced motorcoach travel and tourism people.

Promoting cooperation among operators and associates

MCASC promotes the idea of members working with members, which is one of the greatest benefits of association membership. The industry is all about relationships and MCASC provides several forums for networking to build relationships, which promotes cooperation among its members.

Professional Ethics

Operator members must sign the MCASC Code of Ethics, which says that MCASC members aspire to highest professional standards in the industry treating customers and other members with honesty, integrity, and accuracy; that they will conduct business in such a manner as to promote the industry; and that they will maintain current status for all license, permits, and operating authority required by federal, state, and local government agencies applicable to the industry. Members have the right to display the MCASC logo on company business forms, communications, and advertisements.

Advocating legislation that positively impacts the motorcoach industry

MCASC’s Board of Directors promote legislation to enhance the motorcoach industry in South Carolina. MCASC also invites key personnel from American Bus Association and United Motorcoach Association to annual meetings and operator meetings to keep members abreast of national legislation that affects the motorcoach industry. MCASC routinely communicates information throughout the year to its members to keep them informed of legislative action needed, such as writing letters to state legislators or Congressmen to support or oppose legislation that impacts the motorcoach industry.

Creating unity for common goals

MCASC’s Board of Directors and staff believe there is strength in numbers. A task one member may find difficult to address alone, all members working together through the Association may accomplish. Whether the issue is local, state or federal in nature, there is strength in one voice speaking for many.