Periodic Requirements for South Carolina Motor Carriers


As an operator in the state of South Carolina, there are several items you will need to update periodically.  The majority of these items typically occur on a regular basis, dates can change and vary from operator to operator as well as regulatory changes.


Your motor coach association (MCASC) tries to assist you in knowing which of the items need to be addressed and at what time of the year.  The list of items are required and it is your responsibility to address them.


A. Driver Annual Motor Vehicle (MVR) – Annually

B.Driver Statement of violations – Annually

C.Driver Medical – A medical must be verified on the MVR at least biennially.

As with everything, there are exceptions. An examining physician may choose to issue an annual, six-months, or three-months certificate to monitor certain medical conditions. 

NOTE: If any of the above has expired, a driver is not qualified and may not be permitted to operate a commercial motor vehicle until proper documentations have been placed in the file.  If a driver is discovered driving without proper documentation, the driver will be placed out-of-service and the motor carrier will be fined.  It is the responsibility of the motor carrier to assure the driver is qualified by maintaining a current driver qualification file.


Commercial Motor Vehicles are inspected every 12 months by a qualified inspector.

NOTE: A motor carrier must not use a commercial motor vehicle unless each component identified in Appendix G of 396 subchapter N has passed an inspection at least once during the preceding 12 months, and documentation of such inspection is on the vehicle.  Your specific State may have additional requirements regarding vehicle inspections.  Please check with your respective State for additional inspection requirements.



A. The IRP is an agreement between states within the US, the District of Columbia and provinces of Canada which recognizes the registration of commercial motor vehicles issued by South Carolina.   

B. Register and pay to South Carolina.

C. Fee is based on the portion of distance traveled in each jurisdiction according to that jurisdiction’s fee schedule.

D. Fees are paid annually at time of registration and license plate renewal.

NOTE: Records supporting your IRP registration are frequently audited.  For more information, visit


IFTA is filed on a quarterly basis.

NOTE:  Records supporting your IFTA payments are frequently audited.


5. New applicants MUST register with SCDMV/Motor Carrier Services.

A. GO to


C.NEXT to Motor Carrier Services-New Account

D.Help Desk 803-896-3870

6 To process IRP and IFTA transactions online after your account has been established follow the steps below to access the MCS portal.

A.GO to, at the top click on “Online Services.”

B. Click on Drop box    SELECT “Motor Carrier.”  This will take you to the “Login.”

C.USER ID required – This will be your CUSTOMER ACCOUNT NUMBER on your IRP/IFTA.

D. PASSWORD required – This will be your CUSTOMER ACCOUNT NUMBER PLUS LAST 4 DIGITS OF YOUR tax identification number/Social Security Number. 

Once you are in the system you must change your password and write it down because DMV will NOT have it on file.


Any time a carrier or other regulated entity changes its name, address, or other details in their record, they should update their US DOT and operating authority record with FMCSA in a timely manner.  In addition, FMCSA requires all entities under its jurisdiction to update their information every two years.

1. US DOT Numbers:

A. Routine updates

B. Biennial Updates

C. Inactivate/Deactivate

D. Reactivate


2. Operating Authority (MC/FF Numbers):

A. Name Changes

B. Address Changes

C. Reinstate

D. Revoke

3. Routine USDOT Number Updates:

NOTE: Failure to complete a biennial update will result in deactivation of your USDOT number and may result in civil penalties of up to $1,000 per day, not to exceed $10,000. Updating your information is FREE! 

4. What is the Deadline to update?

A. Every 2 years (24 months)

B.If next to the last number of your USDOT Number is odd, file on the odd number calendar year.

C.If next to the last number of your USDOT Number is even, file on the even number calendar year.

D. If USDOT number ends in 1, the update must be filed by the last day of January, for example. 

1   January       7   July

2   February    8   August

3   March         9   September

4   April           10   October

5   May            11   November

6   June          12   December

5. Update online:

To update online, you will need the following: 

A.USDOT Number

B. Assigned PIN (A PIN must be obtained from FMCSA. You may request a PIN either by mail or email.)    

C. Tax identification number/Social Security Number

D. Company Official Information


6. Unable to complete online?  NO problem:

If NO PIN or mailing address in MCS-150 is outdated, three options are available: 

Submit a completed and signed MCS-150 via Fax to 202-366-3477.

Submit a completed MCS-150 via US Mail.

Scan and upload a complete, printed, and signed MCS-150 to the website, 

(This is the best option and will provide you with a tracking number for your submission.)

Important note for hard copy registrations:  Forms must be received by FMCSA on or before the date your biennial update is due to avoid deactivation of your USDOT number and the assessment of civil penalties.  Please allow ample time for mailing.

7. For Carriers:

Registration forms can be downloaded, or you can request to have a pre-printed form mailed to you by calling FMCSA Support Services at 1-800-832-5660. Select option I (USDOT Number questions), then press zero to speak to an agent.


Complete, sign, and date the form. Mail it to the address below:

U. S. Department of Transportation

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration 

Attention:  Office of Registration and Safety Information

1200 New Jersey Avenue, S. E., Room W65-206

Washington, DC 20590

INPORTANT NOTE:  There are commercial services that will offer to update your MCS-150 for a fee.  YOU DO NOT NEED THESE SERVICES. Updating your registration is FREE.


Based on fleet size, for the 2023 registration year, the UCR fees are:


0 – 2                                              $166.00

3 – 5                                              $266.00

6 – 20                                           $417.00

21 – 100                                        $1,283.00

101 – 1,000                                   $4,589.00

OVER 1,000                                  Call to Order

CAUTION!!!    DO NOT confuse United Carrier Registration (UCR) with United Registration System (URS).  The latter term designates a carrier registration and information system currently being implemented by FMCSA.

In order for a motor carrier subject to UCR to operate legally, the motor carrier must complete its UCR registration and pay its UCR fee before January 1 of the registration year.  After that date, the registration fee is still due, but a non-compliant registrant may be subjected to state enforcement action, including fines.


As a part of the South Carolina Infrastructure and Economic Development Reform Act passed by the SC General Assembly during the 2017 legislative session, the Motor Carrier Property Tax is now imposed as a road use fee administered through the SC Department of Motor Vehicles (SVDMV) and not the SCDOR, effective January 1, 2019.

NOTE: Under the new system of filing property taxes (Road Use Fee), if you do NOT file online you will be required to pay the entire tax bill in full at the time of your registration.  However, filing electronically, will  allow you to pay quarterly.  If you default on any of the online payments all monies become due.  Failure to pay will place the IRP account under suspension.

Please contact the SCDMV at 803-896-5000 for INTRASTATE vehicles.  Contact 803-896-3870 for INTERSTATE (P 7 PLATE) if you have questions related to the new road use fee.

DISCLAIMER: This document was prepared in an effort to provide a brief description of some periodic reports, payments and/or filing a South Carolina motor carrier will likely incur.  Readers should not consider this document as a complete or all-inclusive list and description of motor carriers’ obligations.  The Motorcoach Association of South Carolina is held harmless for any liabilities a motor carrier may incur as a result of this document.  Always follow the advice of competent legal counsel.