Operator Code of Ethics

We, the members of the Motorcoach Association of South Carolina, by providing a service to the traveling public recognize the need to do so in a professional manner, and with the highest degree of integrity. We herewith set forth the following code of conduct that will govern our actions as we fulfill our obligations to our fellow operators and the traveling public: 

We will adhere to the professional standards of the Motorcoach Association of South Carolina and to work to further its goals and objectives.

We will conduct all business affairs with honesty, integrity, sincerity, and accuracy in an open and forthright manner.

We will act with integrity in financial dealings with the public and with fellow operators utilized to help arrange or provide service and accommodations to motorcoach travelers.

We will conduct our business practices and operations in a safe and honorable manner in order to protect the public and to promote the image of the industry.

We will act to instill consumer and public confidence in the motorcoach industry, and avoid activities that may discredit the industry or membership of  the Association.

We will operate motorcoaches under authority of the State of South Carolina for the purpose of transporting passengers regulated by Federal, State or Local authority.

I have read and agree to adhere to this Code of Ethics.

Signature: _______________________________________________________

Title: ___________________________________________________________

Name of Company: _______________________________________________

This Code of Ethics must have the following documents attached when submitted:

Completed application
Check for the appropriate amount of membership dues
Two letters of recommendation from current operator members
Copy of Certificate of Operating Authority
Copy of Insurance Certificate